Marilyn Hubner

Health and Safety Training Specialists

Marilyn Hubner – Health and Safety Consultant and Trainer

A Managing Director at Interactive Training Services – after more than a decade training and consulting  in OHS services for both large and small organisations in various industries like manufacturing, construction, and service & utilities, Marilyn knows that the true driving force behind effective safety performance is. It’s by connecting well with the people you’re trying to educate and communicating with them your understanding– not by ticking the legislative compliance box.

As a believer of safety systems that were designed to reflect the true nature of organisations, she encourages her clients to plan their safety systems in a way that is both strategic and allows for opportunities to reflect on real-time behavioural issues.

As a project manager, Marilyn has extensive experience in developing and implementing various safety systems all across Australia and has even been a speaker in international conferences whose locations range from Canada to Germany and Korea.

Her deep passion for the improvement of safety behaviour and workplace training has paved the way for her to excel in all opportunities. Moreover, aside from her wide-ranging expertise and experience in the fields of OHS consulting & training and systems development, she is also a highly qualified and skilled adult educator whose extensive experience includes designing, developing, and delivering workplace training interventions.

Nowadays, Marilyn places her main focus on the design and development of safety systems that utilizes a holistic approach and whose goal is an overall improvement and not simply compliance.

Marilyn holds the following qualifications:

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