Liz Brooke

Health and Safety Training Specialists

Liz Brooke – Health and Safety Consultant and Trainer

With over 18 years of experience in the fields of health and safety as well as injury management in both the private and public sectors, Liz Brooke is the Managing Director of Interactive Training Services. Her highly professional attitude and an approachable personality makes Liz a widely sought-after figure in the OHS consulting industry.

Before becoming a trainer and consultant, she started off as an occupational therapist which has allowed her to provide her clients with customised and practical safety and health services. Her expertise and experience allow her to facilitate training and project management, develop training packages, as well as provide health and safety consultation.

Aside from offering pragmatic solutions to businesses, she also takes pride in providing effective and meaningful consultation services to crucial stakeholders of companies wherein all the desired results are achieved and sustainability of business systems are the main focus. This is due to her deep understanding of the need for risk mitigation, integrated management systems, corporate governance that are coupled with commercial practicality.

With her help as the project manager, Interactive Training Services has managed to provide many satisfied clients with the necessary OHS services. These clients include, but are not limited to:

  • Telstra Corporation
  • Scope Victoria
  • Amazon
  • Melbourne University
  • City Councils
  • Southern and Melbourne Health
  • Estates & Wines
  • Myer and Grainflow
  • Coles Group
  • Crown

Liz Brooke has the following qualifications:

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